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There once was a book collector, an ardent reader, and a writer who'd yet to learn the art of turning his prose to so much as a penny. They'd all, it seems, conspired to lead the proprietor into founding this shop. Actually, they were one and the same, this rather wordy triumvirate, with the writer, rearmost -- perhaps a bit slow in the ways of commerce if not coinings of phrases -- coming to recognize glints of good sense (and, perhaps, more important, the irony) in the prospect of making a genuine living on someone else's creative toils. Thus were founded these Nooks Of Books.

But, seriously: there is much love, here, for the written word. There's respect for books, in general. Having considerable skills in the often archaic and sometimes quixotic trades of printing and binding, I've learned to value not only the visions inherent in books, but also the physical presence of them: the testament of a dusty tome, the physical fact of each brick of a book that makes up one's personal library. At times, they are art before cracking the spine (if some shed their promise soon afterward).

In an age that leaves itself unimpressed with less than superhyperbole, when the newest-and-most-improved Hemingway, the next megaFitzgerald or maximumJoyce, are no more than a couple of blurbs or a talk-show appearance away (waiting for the defProust to fall out of remembrance), it's ever more important to read -- and voraciously -- in order to hone or to simply maintain your own sense of what is excellent. New books can rarely fill this need. Nor can Oprah do so. Should the time arrive that we deem the current offerings to be exhaustive enough in procuring Truth, comprehensive enough in their breakthroughs to Beauty, that we can dispense with the residue of all ages past, then opposable thumbs will have proven to be an extravagance -- as fit to grasp for leaves of trees as for leaves of learning.

For a mind to progress, it must often reach back: it must have a foundation on which to build, a trust in and reliance on the classics, the standards, the works that have stood through past generations. That's the real value in Nooks Of Books -- and in all such voluminous aisles, recesses, and corridors. You'll find many discarded, orphaned, scarce, and unusual treasures huddled here..........

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Reading is Fun

"A book is a mirror: if an ass peers into it, you can't expect an apostle to look out."
-- G. C. Lichtenberg

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